The H-Frame Arc Weld Cell is ideal for most welding challenges, providing more accurate and precise welds due to the wedge lock. The consistency of the H-Frame Positioner results in a highly reliable welding solution.


  • H-Frame Style Positioner
  • Modular Base with Solid Safety Panel Enclosures
  • Operator Push Button Station
  • Single, Dual, and Triple, and Quad Robot Configuration
  • Robotic Arm, Controller, and Robotic Arc Weld Dress Package
  • Power Wave® R500 Weld Power Source
  • AutoDrive® 4R220 Wire Drive
  • Magnum® PRO Robotic Weld Torch
  • Weld Ground Isolation


  • Crown or Floor Robot Mounting
  • HMI / PLC Packages
  • Operator Convenience Package
  • Torch Maintenance Station
  • Power Distribution Panel with Single Point High Voltage Power Drop
  • Independent Shielding Gas and Pneumatic Service Drops
  • Fume Extraction Hood
  • Fume Handling System
  • Contact Tip Change Box